In this course you will learn how to take outdoor portraits of the people around you.  Every photographer/ photojournalist will have to take photos of people.  Either it will be in a crowd setting or one on one.   You will learn how to interact with your subjects, how to get natural reactions, and what equipment is needed to be successful.   We also will cover 'how to get permission to shoot at a location.  If you need a model release form, and other legal and copyright issues you will need to be aware of.  

This course will get you conformable working with people.  It is designed to be a beginning photojournalism corse and will touch on aspects of portrait photography. 

It will be assumed you have basic knowledge of your camera, basic photography techniques, and are willing to complete some assignments on your own.   If you are looking for a fundamentals class check out our basic photography course.

This class will teach you the fundamentals of portrait photography.  You will learn what makes a good portrait.  We will go through the equipment needed and not needed to accomplish the task.  We will also go though lighting techniques and basic theory of studio photography.  We will explain what the golden rule of composition and the "golden hour" is.   

This class is the first class in the People and Portraits course.  It is assumed you have a basic knowledge your camera and the fundamentals of basic photography. 

If you are looking for more of a fundamental understanding of photography.  Check out our Basic Photography Class.